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NIA Ltd launches at the UKNanoForum

Today UKNanoForum, the UK’s biggest nanotechnology trade fair, marks the formation of the Nanotechnology Industries Association as a limited company, enabling the lobbying body to abandon previous restrictions and fully support the unified representation of all nanotechnology industries on a global level.

With its newly acquired limited status, the NIA Ltd will continue the mission of the NIA project, giving a single, unique voice to industrial companies who are involved in the development, production or commercialisation of nanotechnologies in the UK, Europe and on a global level.

Dr. Steffi Friedrichs, director of the NIA said: ‘As a limited company we can now offer more independent and internationally relevant support, acting as a proactive lobbying body for the collective nanotechnology industries on a multi-national level. Through the establishment of strategic international partnerships, formation of international fora and by facilitating a Code of Conduct for responsible nanotechnology, we aim to proactively influence policies and establish a separation of nanotechnologies’ issues from those of other technologies’.


Follow this link to download the full press release.

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