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NIA launches Forecast of Emerging Technologies

Today the NIA launches the first edition of its Forecast of Emerging Technologies. The report provides a purely industry-led forecast, which makes exclusive use of data obtained from the industrial members of the NIA, thereby delivering a clear outline of the industrial development path for nanotechnology and its advancement over the next 15 years into more complex nanomaterials, structures and systems. The forecast examines the existing opinion of the economic potential for nanotechnologies and provides a 2020-view of the emerging technologies’ impact.

The NIA Forecast of Emerging Technologies is based on a flexible and dynamic framework that is not constrained by a rigid process-driven approach, but that can be applied to plot widely differing technologies on the same graph and compare them.

The forecast will be reviewed annually in order to populate the framework with new data, according to the industries’ opinion on nanotechnology development.


Follow this link to read more about the NIA Forecast of Emerging Technologies.

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