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The Nanotechnology Industries Association has become an associate member of the Nano Regions Alliance (NANORA). NANORA is a ‘unique network of public policy institutions, associations, clusters and research and technology centres’ that support nanotechnology research and business in order to help fully exploit ‘regional nanotechnology potentials’.

The Alliance looks to overcome ‘a narrow “regional selfishness”’ by ‘strengthening cooperation between European regions in the development of regional and transnational nanotechnology assets’. It does this by:

  • ‘Facilitating tailored collaborations across sectors and across borders
  • Developing new market opportunities for SMEs through joint transnational actions
  • Harmonizing regional innovation policies in order to improve framework conditions for nanotechnology stakeholders
  • Promoting exchange and networking between relevant nanotechnology stakeholders
  • Engaging in nanotechnology outreach activities to promote dialogue on the responsible use of nanotechnology

NIA has joined as an Associate Member. Associate Members, while not part of the formal NANORA project structure, ‘cooperate with NANORA in reaching the common goals of supporting nanotechnology SMEs and research institutions in Europe’.


Follow this link to learn more about NANORA, and this to visit the Alliance’s website.

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