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NIA is instrumental in bringing together key Nanotechnology Stakeholders from across the Globe

'The NIA is instrumental in bringing together key nano stakeholders from across the globe', commences a profile on the Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) in the current issue of the magazine International Innovation. Dr Steffi Friedrichs, NIA Director General, draws particular attention to the public-private partnerships that the NIA facilitates, and the collaborations it harnesses.

'The NIA is one of the most proactive stakeholders within the nanotechnologies community: based on the gathering, advancing and communicating of underlying science- and technology-based knowledge on nanotechnologies, we promote the safe and reliable advancement of the use of this new general purpose technology (GPT), by supporting its ongoing innovation and commercialisation,' she explains.

'At the heart of the NIA's credo lies the promotion of science- and technology-based support for the safe and reliable advancement and commercialisation of nanotechnologies...The NIA proactively initiates and runs collaborations with regulators and other stakeholders at the national, European and international level, in order to secure a publicly and regulatory-supportive environment for the continuing advancement and establishment of industrial nanotechnologies...Such projects are identified and developed through the NIA's continuous communication with all nanotechnology stakeholders. They range from direct public engagement to training courses for nanotechnologists and scientists, analyses of the environmental and societal benefits of nanotechnologies, and the NIA's flagship initiatives in the form of PPPs between NIA members and governments from across the globe'.


NIA Members can download the full International Innovation article. Members and non-Members can follow this link to read the full article (subscription free, but necessary).

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