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NIA fears for gradual Nanotechnology Innovation

In an interview with Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN), the Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) raised concerns about the implementability of the European Commission's recommendation of a definition of the term 'nanomaterial'. "Instead of a business development possibility, it is much more a threat of costly product compliance," Dr Steffi Friedrichs, Director General of the NIA, told GEN.

The NIA, which represents a diverse membership of large and small companies interested in the utilisation of nanotechnologies in nearly all industrial sectors, is concerned that an adoption of the European Commission's recommendation into legal requirements can be implemented only through the use of costly analytical equipment, which would undermine the gradual innovation that currently forms the backbone of steady growth in application of this next general purpose technology.

"So far we have mostly seen a marginal increase of nanomaterials being brought onto the market where their larger counterparts have been used before," says Dr Steffi Friedrichs. "Now, this sort of thing would obviously not be possible if you then tell the companies...that they have to spend extra money for an entirely new safety approval for their materials".


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