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NIA-endorsed Industry Message on Nanotechnologies published

A message supporting the European Commission's (EC) Communication on the second Regulatory Review of Nanomaterials has been published by multiple industry associations. In it they also state that they back the EC's conclusion that 'the current European regulatory framework, providing some clarifications of the requirements, adequately covers nanomaterials, is science-based and proportionate'.

The industry-backed document also reminds readers of the following:

  • 'Safety is paramount
  • A common workable definition for nanomaterials is welcome
  • Openness and transparency are key
  • Europe cannot afford to miss out on the opportunities provided by nanotechnologies and the benefits they enable
  • Nanotechnologies can contribute to solving important challenges of our time'

The NIA is one of the industry associations endorsing this message.


Follow this link to read the industry-backed message on nanotechnologies, and this link to read the NIA's coverage of the second regulatory review.

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