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NIA DG impressed by Achievements of Iranian Nanotechnologists

The Director General of the Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA), Steffi Friedrichs, recently commented that she had been "positively surprised" with the state of Iran's nanotechnology industry. The Director General had been invited to participate at the recent Iran Nano Commercialization Forum as a 'senior expert'.

Dr. Friedrichs was highly impressed by the "achievements...obtained by the Iranian technologists", considering "there was an embargo and a lot of technology could not be brought in".  She also considered the "statistics about the number of papers, nanotechnology based products, and the Iranian companies active in the field of nanotechnology" to be "interesting". Praise was also given on the "high level of knowledge and technologies presented in the seminars".

As part of her participation, Dr. Friedrichs delivered a speech on International Demands and Nanotechnology Commercialization. This was considered to be "a useful subject for the audience", drawing upon the NIA's experience in "deal[ing] with international standards and regulations...know[ing] which regulations have been useful during these years". According to the Director General, the country could "face some issues that are very important in the field of commercialization" having recently "become distant from [the] research atmosphere".


Follow this link to view a TV interview with Dr. Friedrichs, and this to read an interview with her conducted at the event.

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