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NIA Comments at start of NANoREG Project

The NANoREG project held its Kick-off Meeting on 13 May 2013; according to NIA Director General Steffi Friedrichs, it is “an important project for the nanotechnology community” as its main emphasis is on “regulatory relevant test only, with a view to be agreeing on standard operating procedures for the characterisation, measurement and testing of nanomaterials”. NIA is leading a key work-package in the project, ‘Advancement of Regulatory Risk Assessment and Testing’.

Involving over 60 partners in a project worth nearly EUR 50 million and, according to Dr Friedrichs, “based on questions and requirements supplied by regulators and legislators”, NANoREG will:

  • ‘Provide legislators with a set of tools for risk assessment and decision making instruments for the short to medium term, by gathering data and performing pilot risk assessment, including exposure monitoring and control, for a selected number of nanomaterials used in products’
  • ‘Develop for the long term new testing strategies adapted to a high number of nanomaterials where many factors can affect their environmental and health impact’
  • ‘Establish close collaboration among authorities and industry with regard to knowledge required for appropriate risk management, and create the basis for common approaches, mutually acceptable datasets and risk management practices’

Dr Friedrichs stated that “this project allows us to directly address questions arising” from its regular discussions with policy makers and government representatives on “mandatory reporting schemes or on categorisation and/or read-across of nanomaterials”. Alongside the work-package being run by NIA, the one on ‘Keeping pace with innovation’ was picked out as being important as it will “use the knowledge and results of this project in order to feed a ‘safe by design’ concept”.


Follow this link to read more about the NANoREG project, and this to read a press release.

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