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NIA comments that National Nano Registers have been detrimental for Nanotechnology

At the recently held EC Validation Workshop on Nano Transparency Measures, NIA’s Director General Dr Steffi Friedrichs commented that ‘none of the current registers has fully addressed the issue of nanomaterial safety’. Furthermore ‘they have actually been detrimental to nanotechnology, with customers asking for products not containing nanomaterials in France’.

The comments were presented in a recent article by Chemical Watch.

The article also gives excerpts of a presentation made by NIA’s Director of Advocacy Dr David Carlander at the recently held Chemical Watch Nanotechnology Regulation webinar, where he stated that ‘no nano-specific toxicity has been found so far’. Explaining further, he added that “just as a regular chemical can cross biological membranes, so can nanomaterials – that is not new toxicity or new hazard”.


NIA Members can find the full story and NIA comments here. Members and non-Members can follow this link to read the full article (Chemical Watch subscribers only), and read more about the EC Validation Workshop on Nano Transparency Measures here.

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