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NIA calls for greater Government Support for Nanotechnologies

“While industries always take the lion’s share of responsibility for communicating the benefits of their products on the market […] the current risk-centric debates on nanomaterials have also created a strong responsibility for governments to wade in and support nanotechnology’s innovative power”, said NIA Director General Steffi Friedrichs in a recent article, The Big Risk of Small Particles: The Threats and Promise of Nanotechnology. She added that governments “should ultimately provide an unbiased environment, in which the benefits can be openly communicated”.

The article begins by describing the current debate in Australia about nanomaterials in sunscreens before describing other debates related to nano in recent history. It notes that, ‘everywhere it is found, this tiny technology seems to cause trouble’, and provides a thorough overview of the issues facing regulation of nanotechnologies.

Comments from NIA Members Intertox and BASF are also contained within the article.


Follow this link to read the full article.

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