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NIA calls for better Quality Control and more Realism in Risk Assessments

The Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) has responded to the European Commission's (EC) public consultation, Addressing the New Challenges for Risk Assessment. This paper was jointly authored by members of the EC's Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR), the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS), and the Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks (SCHER).

In its submission to the consultation, the NIA criticised the lack of reference to 'the increasingly important issue of quality control and quality assurance in both environmental and occupational health and safety research'. The association also pointed out that, especially 'in the fields of EHS and OHS research, the increasing number of poorly conducted measurements and tests was recently disparaged in an editorial. This opinion piece stated that 'few studies offer consistent results that are of value, and it is difficult to compare studies because they are often carried out using poorly characterized nanomaterials and arbitrary experimental conditions'.

Nevertheless the NIA applauded the Commission's proactive approach to stress-testing the current risk assessment procedure and in identifying new challenges in a collaborative manner. It called 'upon the EC to use this elaboration and an opportunity to strengthen the "realism" and "exposure-driven" aspects in risk assessment approaches through joint efforts, such as public-private-partnerships under Horizon 2020'.


Follow this link to view the comments submitted by the NIA to the EC. Furthermore follow this link to read the NIA's reporting on the consultation paper, and this link to read the NIA article containing the editorial comments.

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