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NIA answers EC Public Consultation on Plastic Waste

As the first step of the rejuvenation of the European legislation on waste, the European Commission published a Green Paper on Plastic Waste that opened a public consultation. This paper addresses several issues linked to the management of plastic waste among which are the challenges brought up by 'innovative materials'. In this regard, question 14 targets the challenges raised by the use of nano-particles in plastics for the management of plastic waste.

NIA responded to this public consultation. In its comments NIA emphasises on the fact that 'the inclusion of nanomaterials in plastics should not be generalised as an indication of ‘new risks’, because the presence of nanoparticles in plastic waste does not depend on the deliberate addition of nanomaterials to the plastic'. Concerning the risk assessment of such materials, there is a need to operate on a case-by-case basis, 'as is the current general agreement on risk assessment of nanomaterials'. Finally, the potential of nanotechnology to produce greener plastics (e.g. through the use of nanocellulose) is underlined by NIA.


Follow this link to read NIA Comments to the EC's Green Paper on Plastic Waste. NIA members can also follow this link to the consultation and NIA EXCLUSIVE Briefing on the Green Paper on Plastic Waste.

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