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News Sources cover NIA Members Consultation on EC SCCS Carbon Black Opinion

The European Commission’s (EC) Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) published an opinion on the nano-form of Carbon Black on 12 December 2013, following its 4th plenary meeting. NIA invited its Members to provide their opinions on both this and a memorandum on the Relevance and Quality of Data in Safety Dossiers on Nanomaterials by 14 Feb 2014; this NIA consultation was reported by both Cosmetics Design Europe and Chemical Watch.

The opinion on the use of carbon black in cosmetic products states that it ‘is considered to not pose any risk of adverse effects in humans after application on healthy, intact skin’; nevertheless the SCCS cautions that there is potential for it to be an eye irritation. Furthermore ‘this application does not apply to applications that might lead to inhalation exposure to carbon black nanoparticles, where the preparation might lead to inhalable particles’.

It is noted that this opinion is for particles of a size 20nm or larger, and in a concentration of up to 10%. Furthermore the purity of the nanomaterials should be greater than 97% - ‘the impurity profile of carbon black should be comparable with those nanomaterials tested for toxicity in this submission and should also comply with FDA specifications with respect to carbon black produced by [the] furnace method’. The opinion does not cover cosmetic applications with specifications outside of those stated in it, and for these ‘additional information will be required’ for the SCCS to provide an opinion.


Follow this link to learn more about NIA’s consultation, and this link to read the SCCS opinion on the nano-form of carbon black. Follow these links to view the articles posted by Chemical Watch and Cosmetics Design Europe.

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