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Nanomaterials under the new European Cosmetics Regulation — NIA helps clarifying the Requirements and Consequences

In a joint Correspondence to the Editor in the journal Nature Nanotechnology (February 2010, Volume 5, No. 2), Diana M Bowman, Geert van Calster, and the NIA's Steffi Friedrichs summarise last year’s passing of the first nano-specific legislation: the European Union’s new regulation on cosmetic products.

Entitled Nanomaterials and Regulation of Cosmetics, the correspondence highlights the political and economical significance of this novel regulation and outlines the specific requirements that industries need to address in order to comply with the regulation.

‘The adoption of this regulation is significant, not least because it is the first piece of national or supranational legislation to incorporate rules relating specifically to the use of nanomaterials in any products,’ the correspondence notes.


Follow these links to find out more about the European Union’s new regulation on cosmetics products, or to read the full ‘Correspondence to the Editor’ (doi:10.1038/nnano.2010.12; subscriber sonly).

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