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Magazine Article looks at NIA Presentation on Nano and Veterinary Medicines

NIA’s presentation at the Informa Research and Development in Veterinary Medicines conference has been summarised in an article by Animal Pharm magazine. Entitled ‘What is the status of Nanotechnology for Animal Health Applications’ and presented by NIA’s Director of Advocacy, David Carlander, it ‘told delegates [….] that targeted delivery systems could reduce the amount of veterinary medicines used in treating diseases’, leading to ‘healthier animals, fewer residues in food and potentially shorter withholding periods’.

The article describes the various ways that nanotechnology could be applied to veterinary medicine, from ‘bio bullets’ used to vaccinate wild animals, to methods of improving the growth and intake of young animals.

Dr Carlander noted that whilst ‘[…] at the present there [is] a lack of clear definition and categorization of nanomedicines as a product class’, the field is ‘[…] still in its adolescence’ and ‘continuing development will tap the transformative capabilities’ that nanotechnology can offer.


Members can download the full presentation. Members and non-Members can follow this link to read the full article.

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