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Leading Industry Periodical publishes NIA Comments on Nano-Patch Proposal

Comments by the Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) on the recent 'nano-patch' proposal for the Registration, Evalutation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulation have been featured in an article by Chemical Watch. The report, entitled DG Enterprise, industry deny REACH unable to regulate nanomaterials, also features reactions to the proposal from the European Commission's (EC) Enterprise and Environment directorates (DG).

In it, the NIA states that it "supports the notion put forward by the EC that REACH is a suitable regulatory framework for nanomaterials" and that there is "no need for a separate nanomaterial regulation". The association expects that the review of REACH later this year will "provide nano-specific information for a number of registered materials". As such, therefore, the NIA believes the NGOs are trying "to fix something that is not broken".

The article also states when the publication of the REACH review is anticipated to be.


NIA Members can read the full reportNon-members can follow this link to read the NIA's reporting on the nano-patch proposal.

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