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Interview profiles the NIA, highlights Work done and future Plans

An interview recently published by Research Media Ltd. has profiled the Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA), calling it 'one of the most proactive stakeholders within the nanotechnologies community'. In the interview, the NIA's Director General Steffi Friedrichs details the association's values, on-going work in the field and plans for the future.

The Director General states that the 'promotion of science- and technology-based support for the safe and reliable advance and commercialisation of nanotechnologies' is a core aim for the organisation; particularly important in achieving this, however, is 'advanced collaboration both within the industrial community and between all stakeholders of nanotechnologies, in order to ultimately secure the societal and environmental benefits' of the technology.

The article highlights the work done by the NIA in this area, such as the NIA's participation on global fora like the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the International Organization on Standardization (ISO), and the public-private partnerships it has set up 'in which the stakeholders' needs and offerings are matched'. The Director General also highlighted the next steps the association is looking to take, which include 'the analyses of economic impact in both sector- and region-specific manners' and the 'development of a public engagement and communication strategy' that will look to foster 'the public's understanding of the many impacts of nanotechnologies on our lives'.


Follow this link to read the full interview with the NIA's Director General, Steffi Friedrichs.

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