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High-Tech Industries Associations support a common Strategy for Key Enabling Technologies in the EU

A coalition of seven high-tech industries associations, led by SEMI (Semiconductor, Equipment and Materials International), has published comments on the European Commission’s Communication Preparing for our future: Developing a common strategy for key enabling technologies in the EU (COM(2009) 512). In its comments, the coalition* recognises ‘the importance of points raised in the Communication such as R&D, Lead Markets, Skilled Engineers, Financing, IP Protection, but we would like to emphasize the sense of urgency, more specifically regarding the following points:

  • 1.1. - State aids policies:...Urgent amendments to Europe’s state aid policies are necessary if Europe wants to keep manufacturing and retain expertise in its territory to compete effectively with other regions of the world...A close dialogue between the Commission, Member States and the industry is of critical importance and needs to be initiated as soon as possible
  • 1.2. - Trade Policy:...European companies struggle to compete with actors from other regions in this global level playing field...The Commission needs to take action to ensure a fair global level playing field. Creating a competitive environment for European semiconductor industry is a must for its survival
  • 1.3. - Funding instruments: Only with adequate framework conditions, R&D investments will create industrial value at the European level...cross border funding is the most adequate tool to make private investment more attractive

* Members of the commenting coalition of industries associations: SEMI (Semiconductor, Equipment and Materials International), NIA (Nanotechnology Industries Association), Plastic Electronic Foundation, EPIA (European Photovoltaic Industry Association), JEMI UK (Joint Equipment and Materials Initiative UK), JEMI France (Joint Equipment and Materials Initiative France), Silicon Saxony.


Follow this link to download the full Coalition Comment

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