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First Nanomaterial set for Authorisation Vote on its use in a Biocidal Product within EU

The European Commission’s (EC) Biocides Competent Authorities are set to discuss the approval of the first nanomaterial-based product for use within the European Union in December 2013. The nanomaterial in question is synthetic amorphous silicon dioxide, and a recent assessment of it by France on behalf of the EU ‘proposed to approve [it] … as an active substance for use in product-type 18 (insecticides)’.

The rapporteurs state that this approval is based on the acknowledgment that this material is a nanomaterial according to the definition of the term in the EC’s 2012 regulation on the availability and use of biocides (Regulation (EU) No 528/2012), which itself is based on the Commission’s recommended definition of the term nanomaterial (Recommendation 2011/696/EU). The rationale for this acknowledgment is because the primary particle size of the material is less than 25 nm, though these are aggregated into much larger particles. Exposure to these primary particles is ‘not expected during and after the intended biocidal application’, though it is mentioned that issues related to individual particles ‘with a nanometric size were not evaluated’ and this position could be updated should more information on this topic become available.

NIA’s Director of Advocacy David Carlander told ChemicalWatch that NIA welcomed the proposal. He stated that France’s assessment “shows that risk assessments of nanomaterials provide evidence of safe and responsible application that will allow beneficial products to be placed on the market”.


Follow this link to read the full assessment report on synthetic amorphous silicon dioxide by France, and this link to read Dr Carlander’s comments in ChemicalWatch (CW subscribers only). Follow these links to read NIA’s reporting on the recently enforced Biocidal Products Regulation, and this on the EC Recommendation for the definition of nanomaterial.

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