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Coalition of Trade Associations comments on Plans for Nanomaterials under REACH

The four trade associations CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council), NIA (Nanotechnology Industries Association), Eurometaux (European Association of Metals), and IMA (Industrial Minerals Association) – Europe have submitted joint comments on two documents presented by the European Commission to the first meeting of the newly-established REACH Competent Authorities sub-group on Nanomaterials (CASG-Nano), held on the 1 and 2 July 2008.

The creation of the CASG-Nano had been agreed during the third REACH Competent Authorities meeting (held on the 27 and 28 March 2008) in order to analyse how REACH applies to nanomaterials.

During the first CASG Nano Meeting the European Commission presented two documents (which are exclusively available to NIA Members):

  1. Concern: Discussion paper on how Nanomaterials are covered by REACH (Agenda Point 6.2) (CASG Nano/03/2008)
  2. Concern: Supply of Information (Agenda Point 8.2) (CASG Nano/05/2008)

The four above-mentioned trade association submitted detailed comments to both documents:

  • CEFIC's, NIA's, Eurometaux's, and IMA's Comment on CASG Nano/03/2008 (i.e. Discussion paper on how Nanomaterials are covered by REACH) provides, amongst more detailed comments, general support ‘of the assessment given in the Commission’s document and specifically appreciates that the Commission’s position has been clarified on the following issues:
    -        that the Commission concluded that substances at nanoscale are sufficiently covered by REACH and therefore its provisions apply 
    -        that REACH deals with substances, in whatever size, shape or physical state
    -        that the provisions of REACH are underpinned by the precautionary principle


Follow these links to download the full Comment on CASG Nano/03/2008 (i.e.: Discussion paper on how Nanomaterials are covered by REACH), or to download the full Comment on CASG Nano/05/2008 (i.e. Supply of Information).

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