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BASF has first UV Filter approved for Use in European Cosmetics

NIA Member BASF’s Tinosorb A2B has become the first UV filter ‘to be included in the positive list (Annex VI) of the new EU Cosmetics Regulation’. The product, which contains ‘particle sizes smaller than 100 nanometres’, was approved after assessment by the European Commission’s (EC) Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS). “After a long approval process we are delighted that we are now allowed to bring the UV filter to market and that our customers can use it in sunscreen products”, stated BASF’s head of Business Management for Personal Care Specialities Europe.

Tinosorb A2B allows for the SPF performance of cosmetics to be increased, therefore requiring a lower UV filter concentration than is necessary for conventional ingredients. “The absorption spectrum of a micronized UV filter depends on its particle size; with particle sizes of about 100 nanometres, optimum SPF performance can be achieved”, said BASF’s Marketing Manager and Scientific Adviser for the Sun Care area.

BASF has a number of other registration dossiers for UV filters awaiting approval under the new EU Cosmetics Regulation. These also contain nanoscale particles.


NIA Members can follow this link to read more about the new EU Cosmetics Regulation in the NIA Regulatory Monitoring Database. Follow this link to view NIA Member BASF's profile.

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