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Article highlights Discussions held at NIA REACH Symposium

Discussions held as part of the NIA's Within REACH!? symposium have been covered in an article published today by Chemical Watch. The article, entitled Which way now for nanomaterials and REACH?, discusses the various proposals that have been put forth about how best 'to systematically collect data and information on...nanomaterials'.

Whilst the report covers many of the topics covered at the NIA's symposium, it focuses firstly on the presentation looking at the recent GAARN (Group Assessing Already Registered Nanomaterials) meeting, and secondly on the "questionable" way that the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is using article 36 of its mandate. Further highlights attributed to the event include the statement by a speaker that 'the [registration] dossiers submitted so far have failed to include' much of the nanomaterial information required by the REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) Regulation, and that one speaker suggested "we make REACH work [for nanomaterials]", as the alternatives would take too long.

The article also looks at:

  • The case for a 'separate nanomaterials regulation'
  • The activities of individual member states, such as France and Belgium, in the synthesis of 'national proposals for mandatory reporting requirements'
  • The amendment of REACH annexes and guidance to 'solve issues like [the] appropriateness of tonnage limit vales and exposure assessment', based on the findings of the REACH Implementation Projects on Nanomaterials (RIP-oN).
  • Findings from the European Commission's Joint Research Centre's Nano Support project


NIA Members can download the full Chemical Watch article, and Members can also view the NIA's full briefing on the symposium.

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