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US EPA conditionally registers one more Nanosilver Pesticide

The US Environmental Protection Agency has made ‘available for public comment a proposed decision to register a nanosilver-containing antimicrobial product’. Named ‘Nanosilva’, the product releases ‘[…] at most, exceedingly small amounts of silver’, and the agency ‘determined that [it] will not cause unreasonable adverse effect on people, including children, or the environment’. Its registration is conditional, however; the company producing it will have to generate extra data ‘[…] to better characterize the nanosilver’ in the product.

A draft decision document by EPA states that use of the product ‘is in the public interest’. This is not only because the product is considered to be more effective at ‘suppressing the growth of odor and stain causing bacterias’ than similar registered products, but also because it is more environmental friendly.

Comments on the registration of the product are due by 26 Sep 2013.

In 2011 the EPA conditionally registered a nanosilver pesticide for the first time.


Follow this link to read more about Nanosilva’s conditional registration, and this link to read NIA’s reporting on the EPA’s previous nanosilver pesticide registration.

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