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US EPA bans Sale of Company's unregistered nano-Silver Products

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has ordered a company to stop selling some of its nano-silver products in the country as they had ‘not been tested or registered’ with the agency. The products were marketed as containing nano-silver as an active ingredient that would help ‘reduce the growth of mold, fungus and bacteria’, but EPA contests that they cannot make such claims without the regulator’s approval.

The agency has stated that it ‘will not register a pesticide until it has been tested to show that it will not pose an unreasonable risk when used according to the label directions’. An EPA spokesperson commented that, “unless these products are registered with the EPA, consumers have no information about whether the claims are accurate”.

In addition to the order to the company, the EPA also warned large retailers, including Amazon, Sears and Wal-Mart, not to sell the products.


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