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US EPA announces 11 June 2015 Public Meeting on Proposed Nanoscale Materials Reporting and Recordkeeping Rule

On 11 June 2015, the American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will hold a public meeting on the topic of the proposed rule Chemical Substances when manufactured or processed as Nanoscale Materials; TSCA Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements.

Published in the Federal Register on 6 April 2015, this proposed rule intends to use Section 8 (a) of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), the main chemicals regulation in the country, to gather information on ‘chemical substances as discrete nanoscale materials’; it is now open to comments.

The meeting will take place in the Washington D.C. EPA Headquarters.


Please follow this link for the Federal Register Notice of public meeting and this link for previous NIA coverage of the US EPA proposed rulemaking.

NIA Members are invited to provide comments on the US EPA proposed rulemaking following this link.

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