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US ANSI Nanotechnology Standards Panel urges action on Problems caused by multiple Nano Definitions

A draft meeting report of the Nanotechnology Standards Panel of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has stated that ‘stakeholders struggle to stay up to date with various regulatory requirements that each rely on a different definition for nanomaterials’. It therefore emphasised that ‘consistent terminology is a critical need for not only enhancing commerce but understanding the scope of the conversation’.

To highlight these difficulties, an example was made of the EU’s labelling requirements was made: both food and cosmetics containing nano will need to be labelled from 2013, but the definitions for the two regulations are different. Panelists questioned ‘whether the existing standards are meeting real world needs’ before asking ‘could the solution to this problem be the development of sector-specific standards to meet the needs of each particular community?’

Other significant remarks in the document include:

  • ‘None of the standards that are in existence today are very useful for nanomaterials and validated measurement methods are necessary’
  • Praise for ‘the development of a nanolabeling document under the leadership of ISO (International Organization for Standardization)...the original…document coming out of the European Committee on Standardization (CEN) would have been very detrimental to US interests’


Follow this link to read the draft meeting report. Follow this link to read NIA’s reporting on the food directive and on the cosmetics directive.

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