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UK TSB will invest in Nano over next three Years

The UK Technology Strategy Board (TSB) has stated that it will 'invest in...nanotechnology-enabled materials and functionality'. This was revealed in the TSB's Enabling Technologies Strategy document, which outlines how the body will invest money in the 2012-2015 period so as to 'support innovation'.

GBP 20 million will be invested per year over the next three years in four enabling technologies areas. These areas are: advanced materials; biosciences; electronics, sensors and photonics; and information and communication technology (ICT). They are seen as having 'a key role to play in helping business to develop high-value products and services to meet market needs across all economic sectors, and to generate significant growth in the UK'. The board sees nanotechnologies as having 'a huge underpinning effect across most of these technology areas'.

The report describes the strategy, explains why enabling technologies are seen as important, and what the 'challenges to innovation' are. It also describes for each of the four areas why the TSB considers them a priority, what the challenges in innovation are, what the business opportunities are, and what choices are being made by the board so as to support innovatios in the area.


Follow this link to read the full investment strategy document for 2012-2015 published by the TSB.

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