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UK Environment Agency announces Creation of national Nano Business Database

The UK’s Environment Agency has revealed that it has compiled a database of the ‘[…] main users and producers of nanomaterials in the UK’. Announced in the 2012-2013 review of the agency’s Chemical Compliance Team, the work had been carried out on behalf of Defra (UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs).

It was confirmed that 66 companies in the UK ‘are currently producing, using and/or distributing nanomaterials’, though the team had contacted 268. The companies are side to be ‘from a wide variety of sectors’ and found that the ‘most common applications were in […]: electronics; energy; healthcare; coatings; pharmaceuticals’.

This project aimed to ‘develop an understanding of the types of nanomaterial on sale and in use’, as well as ‘gather a list of who is producing/using nanomaterials in the UK’.


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