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Survey Requests Data on Industry Safe by Design Projects

The ProSafe project, an FP7 initiative, has launched a survey for private sector representatives requesting data on safe by design projects their companys are currently involved in. The objective in collecting this data is to map current safe by design projects and review what current R&D is underway in this field. This will help ProSafe with its work and will help gather evidence to use during the project on the safe by design approach.  Respondents are asked to only include information they are comfortable having in the public domain. For more ifnormation about the survey or the ProSafe project, then please contact sean.kelly(at)
ProSafe coordinates and supports the aims of EU member states and international organizations regarding risk assessment, management and governance by streamlining data acquisition, collection and management on regulatory orientated toxicology testing of nanomaterials, exposure monitoring, life cycle analysis (LCA), and disposal and treatment of waste nanomaterials. Consideration is also given to regulatory policy developments on both the national and international level, including challenges raised by the convergence between nano and biotechnologies.
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