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Survey indicates French Consumers not put off by Sunscreens containing Nanoparticles

A recently conducted study has revealed that almost 90% of French consumers are not 'sensitive to the presence of nanoparticles in solar protection creams'. The report, entitled Opinions comparison of the French Internet users and the visitors of in-cosmetics Barcelona 2012 on the perception of the products of solar protection, also found that, in general, experts from the cosmetics industry did not share the views of their consumers when it came to how the public felt about issues related to sunscreens.

In fact, the two groups did not agree on the majority of questions posed by the researchers. The greatest difference, however, was in the category regarding nanotechnology; 63% of experts felt that consumers were'sensitive' to nanoparticles being contained in sunscreens, whilst only about 10% of the consumers felt that way. In an interview, the president of the company which did the survey called it "a bit of a surprise to see such a difference of opinion particularly over the nanoparticle issues", adding that "given the debate over such ingredients, it is interesting to see that the industry rates the subject as high priority, whereas it would appear it is not of such importance to the consumer".

Nevertheless it should be noted that the results from the experts surveyed as part of this study were obtained directly through interviews or at the in-cosmetics Barcelona 2012 event, whilst data from the consumers was obtained indirectly via the 'qualitative and quantitative analysis of discussions' held on 50 relevant '[web]sites, magazines, forums and blogs'.


Follow this link to access the full report, and this link to read a summary of the report which includes an interview.

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