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SCENIHR Position Statement flags Nanomaterials in Medical Imaging and Drug Delivery and Graphene as Emerging Issues

The European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR) published a Position Statement on emerging and newly identified health risks to be drawn to the attention of the European Commission; this document was adopted at the plenary of the scientific committee of 20 November 2014.

With this document, the scientific committee intends to draw the attention of the European Commission (EC) to ‘emerging issues in the non-food area’ it has identified ‘as having the potential to significantly impact human health and/or on the environment in the future’; two of these emerging issues are directly relating to nanotechnologies.

In this report, SCENIHR considers the use of nanomaterials for medical imaging and drug delivery as a urgent topic. ’Although nanomaterials used for drug delivery and imaging aim to reduce toxicity and side effects of drugs and imaging compounds, the carrier systems may impose risks to patients’ says the report.

Graphene nanomaterials are also considered to be a urgent matter, the report states: ‘graphene may cause adverse environmental and health effects, the results foremost show that there are many risk related knowledge gaps to be filled.’


Please follow this link to download the full SCENIHR position statement.

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