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Russian Nanotechnology Investments - Four Years later

RusNano, a Russian nanotechnology investment giant, has just reported on its most recent projects and investment portfolio. RusNano was formed in 2007 by the decree of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to promote, finance and develop the nanotechnology sector in Russia. The publication of the report follows an infamous RusNanoTech 2010 forum that took place between 1 and 3 of November 2010.

In 62 pages the report outlines and promotes its three years of activity. By 2010 RusNano participated in and approved funding for 94 projects ranging from miniaturised sensors to coating technology and nanomedical applications. The total size of RusNano’s portfolio approved for co-financing by the third quarter 2010 was nearing 303.5 billion Rubles (just under 7.2 billion Euros).

The report is covers the following subjects:

  • Making investments
  • Building infrastructure
  • International cooperation
  • How a request becomes a project financed by RusNano
  • RusNano projects
    • Solar energy and energy conservation (761m Euros investment)
    • Nanostructured materials (286m Euros investment)
    • Medicine and biotechnology (314m Euros investment)
    • Mechanical engineering and metalwork (213m Euros investment)
    • Optoelectronics and nanoelectronics (627m Euros investment)
    • Infrastructure projects (679m Euros investment)

Looking into the future, RusNano is aiming to setup 19 regional nanotechnology centres for which it will invest 19 billion Rubles (445 million Euros). RusNano also expanded in setting up investment funds and has already approved corporation’s involvement in 7 venture investment funds totalling 1.1 billion Euros with RusNano’s contribution being 529 million Euros.


Follow these links to find out more about RusNano, or to read the full RusNano report.

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