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Public prepared to support therapeutic Nanotechnologies

A survey, conducted by North Carolina State University and Arizona State University (ASU) found the public support for medical applications and physical enhancements that rely on nanotechnology increases when the public is informed of the technology’s risks as well as its benefits.

’The survey suggests that researchers, industries and policymakers should not be afraid to display the risks as well as the benefits of nanotechnology,’  says Dr. Michael Cobb, an associate professor of political science at NC State who conducted the survey. ‘We found that when people know something about nanotechnologies for human enhancement, they are more supportive of it when they are presented with balanced information about its risks and benefits’.

According to the press release, ‘[t]he survey found that describing the technology as therapeutic resulted in much greater public support for the technology, as well as a greater perception of its potential benefits. The therapeutic frame also resulted in increased support for health insurance coverage of nanotech treatments once they become available, and increased concerns that people wouldn’t be able to afford such treatments without insurance coverage’.


Follow this link to read the full press release.

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