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Project looks at the particulars of using Nanotechnology in Furniture

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) has published the results of the Nano in Furniture project. These results are mainly for 'practitioners, partners at company level, social partner organisations at national level, safety experts and prevention institutions'.

This project mapped out 'current uses and near future perspective[s] on nanomaterials in the European furniture sector'. It also looked at the 'potentials of the new technology that may positively affect the furniture sector' and aimed to 'inform about possible health risks and steps towards workplace strategies following the precautionary principle'.

Outputs from the project include:

  • One fact sheet on 'the current use of nanomaterials in the furniture sector'
  • One fact sheet on 'the availiability and use of information on nano-containing products'
  • One fact sheet on 'the safe work with nanomaterials and possible prevention strategies'
  • A project report
  • Executive summaries in 10 different languages
  • Various literature reviews


Follow this link to learn more about the project and download the materials it has produced.

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