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OECD WPN summarises regulatory Frameworks for Nano in Foods and Medical Devices

The Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Working Party on Nanotechnology (WPN) has published Regulatory Frameworks for Nanotechnology in Foods and Medical Products: Summary Results of a Survey Activity. This report is ‘[...] intended to provide a snapshot of current activities across OECD WPN delegations, with respect to regulation, legislation, and government sponsored regulatory science research and other research activities relevant to nanotechnology’.

An analysis of the responses showed ‘that foods and medical products that may contain nanomaterials, or otherwise involve the application of nanotechnology, are covered under existing national and/or regional legislative and regulatory frameworks that are relevant and applicable to food and medical products’. According to the report, several of the delegations ‘identified regulatory frameworks for the same food products and medical products’, and similar scopes were also reported.

Twelve of the WPN’s delegations gave an overview of their national frameworks: Australia; Canada; EU; France; Germany; Japan; Korea; the Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Russia; and US.


Follow this link to read in more depth what OECD WPN member countries are doing to create regulatory frameworks for nanotech in foods and medical products.

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