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OECD Releases New Publications on Nanomaterial Risk Assessment

This month, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) released two new publications providing guidance to nanomaterial developers on risk assessment, measurement and mitigation. The first, Guidance Manual Towards the Integration of Risk Assessment into Life Cycle Assessment of Nano-Enabled Applications, advises companies on how to incorporate risk assessment throughout the lifecycle of nanomaterials -- from the R&D phase to end-of-life management. It also provides updates on how to properly report risk assessment methods and overviews of risk assessment approaches available to developers.

The second publication, Harmonized Tiered Approach to Measure and Assess the Potential Exposure to Airborne Emissions of Engineered Nano-Objects and their Agglomerates and Aggregates at Workplacesoffers methodologies for conducting exposure measurements and assessments of aerosols containing nanomaterials. These methodologies are "systematic, consistent, practical and flexible for conducting field-based, real-time workplace release and exposure measurement and assessment." However, the authors caution that these are not risk assessment strategies but are intended to be part of a risk management and mitigation approach.

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