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OECD publishes Expert Meeting Report on Ecotoxicology and Environmental Fate of Manufactured Nanomaterials

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has released a report of an expert meeting it held in January 2013 in Berlin under the auspices of its Working Party on Manufactured Nanoamterials (WPMN). Entitled Ecotoxicology and Environmental Fate of Manufactured Nanomaterials: Test Guidelines, the document covers discussions and conclusions from the meeting, which had aimed to ‘(i) discuss the applicability of existing OECD Test Guidelines (TGs) related to the fate and ecotoxicology of nanomaterials, and (ii) identify whether there is a need to amend current TGs or to develop new ones’.

Attendees determined that TGs 201; 211; 222; 225; 305; 315; and 317 are applicable to engineered nanomaterials, but that ‘TG 105 is not appropriate’. Additionally TG 106 was considered not applicable as ‘no valid differentiation between adsorbed and not adsorbed ENM is possible’. Specific recommendations ‘regarding the application of each TG to ENMs and details about the data analysis, acceptable loss of the ENM during the test, endpoints, test procedure, selection of the test media, [and] target organisms’ can be found in the document.

Conclusions were reached with regard to:

  • Characterisation
  • Detection
  • The application of the ENM to the test system
  • Stock suspension for aquatic ecotoxicology testing

The following topics were considered by the experts as needing further research in the future:

  • Ecotoxicology
  • Aquatic toxicology
  • Soil and sediment
  • Measurement techniques
  • Fate and behaviour


Follow this link to read the document, which is the 40th in the OECD series on the safety of manufactured nanomaterials.

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