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OECD launches Sponsorship Programme to test a Representative Set of Nanomaterials

The OECD today announced the launch of a sponsorship programme to test nanomaterials of commercial importance (i.e. already in use or soon to be used on a large commercial scale). According to the OECD press release, ‘OECD member countries, as well as some non-member economies and other stakeholders, are pooling expertise and funding to test the human health and environmental safety effects of a number of nanomaterials’.

The programme will include tests for physical-chemical properties, environmental degradation and accumulation, environmental toxicology, as well as mammalian toxicology on a number of different nanoparticles, including fullerenes, nanotubes and cerium oxide.

‘These tests will provide valuable information on the safety of nanomaterials and will help determine whether the results obtained with the OECD Test Guidelines are suitable for the safety assessment of nanomaterials. If not, new or amended guidelines will have to be developed. Countries will review progress on this work in June 2008’.


Follow these links to download the full press release, or access more information on the work of OECD on the Safety of Manufactured Nanomaterials.

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