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NIA introduces Canadian Members

NIA was delighted to host new Canadian Members CelluForce and the National Research Council of Canada in a welcome webinar.  The meeting kicked off with an insight into Canadian regulatory development, the potential benefits of the CETA trade agreement and research connections between the EU and Canada before both organisations give a full presentation of their work and priorities.

The webinar closed with discussions around the need for global regulatory alignment to support innovation across borders and the importance of investing early in nanomaterial development to build a solid evidence base around safety for long term market access.

The slides from each presenter are available at the bottom of this page for:

  • NIA introduction and Canada regulatory, research and CETA positions
  • National Research Council
  • CelluForce

NIA will work with our new Members to strengthen research and business connections within the NIA community and take advantage of Members from non-EU regulatory environments to build knowledge and share good practice.

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