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NGO lodges Complaint with Australian Securities Exchange in Nano Sunscreen Row

Friends of the Earth (FoE) Australia has contacted the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) over claims that a company producing materials for various sunscreens had not been 'transparent about the way it [had done] business'. In particular, the NGO is concerned that nanomaterials had been used but not declared.

Earlier in the year the NGO revealed that several sunscreens it had claimed did not contain nanomaterials, did in fact contain them. One of the companies in question had rejected claims that it had supplied sunscreen manufacturers with a product that contained nanoparticles. It pointed to accreditation it had received that stated that the material it had used was micro in size.

Nevertheless the certification body Ecocert, who had provided the accreditation, has since revoked it. This is because it claims the company is 'unable to provide sufficient evidence that the product did not contain nanoparticles'. Using this as evidence, FoE Australia made a formal complaint to ASX about the company.


Follow this link to read the full story about FoE's complaint to ASX, and this link to read the NIA's coverage of the NGO's announcement that it had made an error in its publication.

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