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New Issue of SeeingNano Newsletter Published

SeeingNano, a Horizon 2020 project creating novel visualisation tools for improved education and awareness of nanotechnology, has published a new edition of their periodic newsletter.  

The issue covers the project's progress in developing unique, educational tools on nanotechnology, including a mobile application, short video, memory game, origami, and 'nano-profiler.' Each is designed to appeal to different learning styles in order to provide a wide range of options for educating audiences on nanotechnology. Several tools are complete and available for download, while others are still in the development and testing phase.

The newsletter also outlines SeeingNano's collaborations with science centres across Europe to test each tool with numerous audiences. By working across countries and age groups, the project is able to evaluate how different people and learning styles react to each tool.

The newsletter is available for download now.

To learn more about the project, you may also visit the SeeingNano website.


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