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New Handbook for Notifiers about Australian NICNAS contains Information on Nanomaterials

Australia’s Department of Health has issued a handbook which ‘provide[s] basic information to notifiers about fulfilling NICNAS’s (National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme) requirements; as such it is for importers and/or manufacturers of industrial chemicals in the country. The handbook contains 12 chapters, although the section on reporting nanomaterials is Appendix H.

The handbook states that, ‘as of 1 January 2011, NICNAS put administrative arrangements in place for new industrial chemicals defined as nanomaterials’. The section on the guidance and requirements for notification of new chemicals that are industrial nanomaterials contains:

  • ‘NICNAS working definition of industrial nanomaterial
  • Exemption categories
  • Permit categories
  • Certificate categories
  • Specified conditions for requesting additional data requirements
  • Guidance on providing additional data requirements
  • Guidance on testing health effects of nanomaterials
  • Guidance on testing the environmental fate and effects of nanomaterials

The Department of Health also indicates that, in some cases, NICNAS assessors may request ‘extra details for chemicals that are industrial nanomaterials’; what this may be, however, is not specified.


Follow this link to read the entire handbook, and this to view the section on nanomaterial reporting.

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