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New Appetite for Nanotech Investment

Nanotechnology has been heralded as the new industrial and innovation paradigm by manufacturers and investors alike. Within the US companies are investing USD 2.75 billion. According to NanotechnologyNow article the investment is being split between electronics information technology (50%), materials and manufacturing (37%), health care (8%) and energy/environment. The sales of nanotechnology products are predicted to reach USD 1 trillion.

Despite these positive trends, the nanotechnology stocks have not been doing very well in the later part of 2009. The financial crisis' impact on the sector is only partly responsible for these results. With some major firm still not showing any profit and some remaining strictly speculative, the outlook remains unstable.

However with the emergence of investing power in the East, a positive investment trend is observed with Russia, Thailand, China and India all investing in nanotechnology and nano-related ventures.


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