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Nanotechnology Company Directory lists over 2000 Companies Worldwide

‘Well over 2000 companies worldwide [are] already involved in nanotechnology’ reads the headline of a NanoWerk News article; it continues to explain that, '[a]t the latest count, over 2100 companies from 48 countries are involved in nanotechnology research, manufacturing or applications - a number that keeps growing at a considerable pace'.

'With more than 1100 companies, the U.S. is home to roughly half of all nanotechnology firms. 670 companies are in Europe, 230 in Asia and 210 elsewhere in the world. Within Europe, Germany is represented with 211 companies, followed by the UK with 146 companies'.

'Over 270 companies are involved in the manufacture of raw materials such as nanoparticles, nanofibers and -wires, carbon nanotubes, or quantum dots. More than 340 companies are active in life sciences and pharmaceutical fields. The vast majority with well over half of all companies are involved in manufacturing instruments, devices, or advanced materials and components.' 

NanoWerk supports the statistics with a link to the Nanotechnology Company Directory, which groups nanotechnology companies into four main categories: 

  • raw materials
  • biomedicine and life sciences
  • products, applications, and instruments
  • services and intermediaries


Follow this link to read the NanoWerk News article, or to find out more about the Nanotechnology Company Directory.

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