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Nanoscale Electronics could greatly benefit Medicine, says Article

An article published today states that 'thanks to nanotechnologies...the medical sector is about to undergo deep changes'. The report, entitled The Future of Nanotechnology: Electronics in Medicine, highlights how nanoscale electronics could bring 'a further push towards implanted electronics in the human body'.

The author notes numerous research advances in the area that could be of benefit to the medical community; in particular, the development of a 'nanobioelectronic system that triggers enzyme activity' is picked out, as are 'electrically triggered drug release from smart nanomembranes', artificial retinas, nanomaterial-based breathalyzers, and 'nanogenerators to power self-sustained biosystems and implants'. Diagnostic systems are also set to benefit greatly from nanotechnologies.

The article cautions 'that the development of nanoelectronics closely associated with tissues will have to address numerous issues other than the development of intricate circuitry', however, as the materials currently used in the making of nanoscale electronics 'are neither closely related to commonly used biomaterials nor known to be biodegradeable'.


Follow this link to read the full report on the future use of nanoscale electronics in medicine.

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