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Nanomaterials in Cosmetics in New Zealand to be labelled from July 2015

New Zealand's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has ruled that 'the presence of nanomaterials in cosmetic products available in New Zealand must be identified on labelling'. According to reports, 'an EPA committee decided caution was needed because there was still scientific uncertainty about the potential effects of nano materials'.

The change in labelling is not due until July 2015, which is said to give'manufacturers time to sell of existing stock'; however, after this date all cosmetic products in New Zealand will need to contain labels listing nanomaterial ingredients, should they contain them.

Whilst the move has been praised in New Zealand for allowing 'the public to...make informed decisions on products with new ingredients', a spokeswoman for Johnson & Johnson 'warned [that] the new labelling requirements could stall cosmetics imports from the United States'.


Follow this link to read the authorities' press release of the update to its cosmetics products regulations, and this link to learn more about the reaction various parties in New Zealand have had to the ruling.

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