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NanoDefine Project Seeks Input from Companies with Particle Sizing Experience

NanoDefine, a European FP7 research project developing integrated approaches to implementing the European Commission nanomaterial definition recommendation, is seeking input from companies with experience in various nanomaterial sizing techniques. One of NanoDefine's key objectives is to assess nanomaterial measuring techniques, reference material and validated methods acceptable to stakeholders across the nanomaterial sector, which means working with nanomaterial researchers to determine the strengths, weaknesses and future potential of sizing techniques currently in use.

The NanoDefine project asks for anyone, either in the public or private sector, working with nanomaterial to fill out the 'Particle Sizing Techniques' survey and send it to Johannes Mielke at by September 11, 2015 and help them achieve this goal. Their input will be essential in providing accurate recommendations to the European Commission, which can shape future nanomaterial regulation, at the conclusion of the NanoDefine project.

For more information on NanoDefine or to contact the project organizers, visit

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