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Nano-Silver should be regulated no differently than Regular Silver, says Swiss EMPA Study

The Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA) recently carried out a study that observed that ‘textiles treated with ‘conventional’ silver have equal or greater propensity to form nano-silver particles during washing conditions than those treated with ‘nano’-silver’. The researchers therefore concluded that this ‘emphasizes that regulatory assessment of nano-silver warrants a similar approach to conventional silver’.

A press release by EMPA goes further, stating that ‘it turned out that nano-coated textiles released hardly any nano-particles’; they say this is the opposite of ordinary coatings, ‘where a lot of different silver particles were found’. It also states that ‘silver is harmless because it is relatively non-toxic for humans’ due to the compounds it forms, and that ‘even silver particles [that] are released from the textile fabric as a result of strong sweating…are not absorbed by health skin’.

The study ‘used a laboratory washing machine to simulate the household laundering of a number of textiles prepared with known conventional Ag or nano-Ag treatments and a commercially available fabric incorporating yarns coated with bulk metallic Ag’.


Follow this link to access the study (payment required), and this to read a press release by EMPA on the subject.

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