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Nano-Silver to be reviewed under ECHA Substance Evaluation Plan in 2014

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has released an updated version of its Community Rolling Action Plan (CoRAP) for 2014-2016. Silver is listed for evaluation in 2014 by the Netherlands due to concerns over the ecotoxicity of the nano-form of the substance, and its environmental fate. Titanium dioxide is set to be evaluated by France in 2015, although its grounds for concern are not nano-based.

21 Member States will be carrying out evaluations under CoRAP, and they will ‘have one year’ from the date of publication of the list to carry out their evaluations and make a decision. According to a press release, ‘ECHA encourages registrants of the substance to start coordinating their actions and to have early interactions with the evaluating Member States’. 120 substances are set to be evaluated between 2014 and 2016.

Another substance, silicon dioxide, was to be evaluated by the Netherlands in 2012 over concerns of its nano-form. Evaluation of it is still, however, ongoing.


Follow this link to view the 2014-2016 CoRAP list, this to read ECHA’s press release on it, and this link to see the status of the evaluation of silicon dioxide. Follow this link to read NIA’s previous reporting on the plan

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