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Iranian Nanotechnology Body signs MoU to aid Development of Country’s Carpet Industry

The Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the country’s National Carpet Center, entitled Applications of Nanotechnology Achievements in Iranian Handmade Carpet Industry and Art. Agreed over a five-year period, its aim is to improve ‘the capacities of the Iranian handmade carpet in line with the scientific and research progresses in the field of nanotechnology’.

The INIC is to evaluate, supervise and support the research projects. It will also create ‘knowledge-based technological cores in order to present scientific and technical services for the commercialization of nanotechnology researches in the field of handmade carpets’. A few of these fields are ‘the creation of anti-stain and waterproof properties, making the carpet anti-fire, and improving the color of the thread used’.

The agreement between the two organisations was signed in November 2012.


Follow this link to read more about the MoU.

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